About Sophia

New works May 2014 Fragments 2014
Connection 2013 Colours of the Earth 2012
Ebb and Flow 2011 1995-2005
Seven Valleys 2005-2012 Seed - 2005-2010
Rivers - 2010 -2011

Contact details
Email: weisoph@yahoo.co.uk


June 2008         CELTA YL Extension (Young Learners Extension), University of Cambridge
July 1995           CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults),

                             RSA/University of Cambridge

June 1995         BA (Hons) in Fine Art Printmaking, University of Glasgow, UK



June 2014     "Green Action 2014", Group Exhibition, China Century Monument World Art             

                         Gallery,  Beijing, China

March 2014    Solo Exhibition, The Art Caffe, Dalian, China

June 2013     "Green Action 2013", Group Exhibition, China Century Monument World Art             

                         Gallery,  Beijing, China
April 2013      "Connection", Solo Exhibition, The Studio, Shenyang, China

April 2013      "Accomplished", Group Exhibition, V2 Gallery, Beijing, China

Sept. 2012     "Golden Autumn", Group Exhibition, Liaoning Artist's Gallery, Shenyang, China

June 2012    "Green Action 2012", Group Exhibition, China Century Monument World Art             

                         Gallery,  Beijing, China

Nov. 2011     "Valleys", Three person Exhibition, Oriental Light Art  Space, 798 Art Zone,          

                         Beijing, China

Aug. 2010     "Seed", Art exhibition and music performance, Wellington College,            

                         Reading, UK 

July 2008        Group Exhibition, Mount St Mary's College, Sheffield, UK
Mar. 2000     “Till 2000 Tomorrow”- Three person exhibition, New Delhi, India

July 1999       "Modern Chinese Calligraphy ", Group Exhibition,           

                         Chengdu Exhibition Centre Chengdu, China

Oct. 1997      “Combined” – Three person exhibition, Sybil Gallery, Beijing, China
April 1996     “Abstract Calligraphy”- Two person exhibition with Zhang Da Wo,

                         Beijing, China
May 1996      “Modern Visual Art” – Group exhibition, Chinese National Art Gallery,
                          Beijing, China

Aug. 1995      “New Graduates” – Group Exhibition, Art Exposure Gallery, Glasgow, UK


Exhibitions curated

July 2000              “Experimental Art”, Postgraduate student group sculpture exhibition,

                                 Dong Yu Art Gallery, Shenyang, China


Aug. 2010           “Seed”, CD/book collaboration with composer Richard Leigh  
Jan. 2007            “O God! Educate these children”, Australian Bahai Publishing Trust


Magazine/Newspaper Articles

June 2012          "Unity as in a family", Shenyang Daily (local newspaper)

June 2012           "Green Action", China Environmental News (national newspaper)

Feb 2001           “Sophia…happy with her life in China”, Liaoning Today

                              (provincial magazine)

Aug. 2000          “New works”, Contemporary Artists and Calligraphy 

                              (national art newspaper)                               

July 2000            “Sophia in Shenyang…”, Shenyang Daily (local newspaper)
June 2000          “Experimental Art Exhibition”, Shenyang Daily (local newspaper)
June 1999          “Modern Calligraphy”, Modern Chinese Calligraphy (national magazine)
May 1999            “Foreign Calligraphy”, Modern Chinese Calligraphy (National magazine)
Oct. 1997            “East meets West”, China Daily (National newspaper)
Sept. 1997          “Talking about modern Art”, Art Observation (national Art magazine)


Relevant Lectures

Mar.  2014             "Sophia Hurst - Introduction of works" - Talk given at the Art Caffe,

                                 Dalian, China (30 participants)

June 2012             “What is the Purpose of Art?” – lecture given in Chinese, Bohai Uni.,

                                  Jinzhou, China (100 students)

 June 2011             “What is the Purpose of Art?” – lecture given in Chinese,

                                  Lu Xun Art Academy, Shenyang, China (120 students)

Apr. 2011              “What is the purpose of Art?” – lecture given in English,

                                 Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing, China (50 students)
Mar. 2002              “Modern Art”- lecture given in Chinese, Lu Xun Art Academy,

                                  Shenyang, China  (20 students)                             


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