New works May 2014

New works May 2014

New works from May 2014 to the present.

The lotus series is based on the idea of our constant rebirth and change. I found a lot of peace when painting the lotus and am continuing with these calm flower paintings. 'Imperfect Rose' and 'Lily' are the latest in this group.

"Ni hao (not my problem)" consists of 15 pieces inspired by the cartoons my 11 year old daughter Rosie creates. It started out as one idea and then took over with a life of it's own! :)

The final group is 'Human Nature' which I have just uploaded onto the last page. This series analyses what it means to be human - part material/animal and part spiritual/thoughtful, with the person we see ourselves to be stuck somewhere inbetween the two...

I am now collating all my artworks for my solo Beijing show in December which is very exciting!

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New works May 2014
Lotus 2
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